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UK National removals

Many years of experience in removal industry allows removal companies in Essex to offer high quality services to their customers. Moving between cities in the UK are characterized by the fact that they Happy youg couple relocating require a lot of experience, specialized equipment and modern fleet of vehicles which should be adjusted to carried goods. House removals, transportation furniture or other house equipment, over long distances, requires skillful securing things in such a way to avoid any damages during the transport.

Removal company solutions are individually adjusted both for those looking for cost-effective solutions, as well as for the most demanding customers. All this depends on the individual expectations of the customer. Less demanding customers can also benefit from hiriging man and van services.

Vehicle Fleet

Most companies have vehicles with different dimensions: from the luton vans with a capacity of 400 – 750 cubic feet, 17.5 ton vehicles (2000 - 2400 cubic feet), up to 40ft trailer with a capacity up to 3200 cubic feet which is ideals  to accommodate a 4 bedroom house, fully furnished. All vehicles are pre-designed to removal transportation, special equipped with loading ramps, tail lifts, stairs, etc. - all to enable fast loading and unloading.

Packaging Service

Boxes for packingPeople who are moving first or second time in his life does not know how to deal with the packaging., especially with the fragile items like  glass, porcelain, crystal, and other delicate items. Professional  moving team using wrapping material suitable for specific items to properly secure customers belongings. Different materials are used for packing plates, another for cups and quite different when securing mirrors. For not experienced customers packing 2-3 bedroom house may take about a few days, and experienced moving team can undertake it usually in one business day.

Dismantling and re-assembling

Transportation brad new furniture is usually easy, because they are flat-packed and particular parts fit even to personal cards. Box dimensions  allow to carry them easily. Unlike in the case of removal, where it is impossible to transport them without disassembly. This applies usually to bedroom wardrobes, double beds, corner cabinets etc. Professional companies offer services for dismantling items at the collection address and re-assembling them on the destination address.

Secure loading

Two man loading sofaMoving long distance requires a perfect loading and securing private items. An experienced team knows what is the best way to place private belongings in the truck efficiently and safely. Professional vehicles are equipped with a set of specialized removal blankets, so that it is possible to secure furniture during the move. More demanding customers can purchase some extra packing materials like bubble wraps  which is dedicated to protecting the fragile items or furniture. If you want to avoid problems when moving home, you should hire professionals. 

Moving destinations

Moving companies listed on our website are able to organize your move from Essex to any destination in the UK. They server both neighboring towns, but also in the remotest corners of the UK. Whatever you are moving to the country or to one of Essex towns, you can find professionals happy to assist you. Below are the most popular directions:

Boxes and Packing Materials

Customers can buy all the accessories needed to organize their relocation directly from removal firms which can supply the following materials:

  • bubble wrap,
  • moving boxes,
  • tapes (brown, fragile, clear),
  • wrapping paper,
  • stretch film.

The table below shows the sample sets of packing materials needed to pack various property size:

Property size

Packing materials required

student relocation | kitchen | loft

  • 5 medium boxes
  • 5 small boxes
  • 150 sheets of packing paper (approx.)
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 roll of bubble wrap
  • 1 marker pen

1 bedroom apartment or flat moving

  • 5 large boxes
  • 5 medium boxes
  • 5 small boxes
  • packing paper (approx. 150 sheets)  
  • 1 roll of Bubble wrap
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 marker pen
  • 10-15 zip ties

2 bedroom house | small family

  • 10 large boxes
  • 5 medium
  • 5 small boxes
  • packing paper (approx. 200 sheets)
  • 2 rolls of bubble wrap
  • 4 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 fragile tape
  • 1 marker pen
  • 10 zip ties

3 bedroom house with a lot of household goods

  • 15 large boxes
  • 10 medium boxes
  • 10 small boxes
  • packing paper (approx. 300 sheets)
  • 3 rolls of bubble wrap
  • 5 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 fragile tape
  • 2 marker pens
  • bedding sacks
  • 10 zip ties
  • 15 cubic ft losefill
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