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Moving and renovation

Woman painting wallsMoving in is a major chapter in anybody’s life, a huge one if you are moving into your own property. But that does not imply that you should jump in as soon as you buy a property. An empty house screams of opportunities to shape your tomorrows in that place. So, relax take a little time. Colour it, decor it and shape it the way you would not be sick of looking at it each day for all the coming years. You don’t want to move in all your valuables, books, stuffs, gadgets, utensils or materials at once and have to again hire local Essex removal company to move your belongings out to garage or hire Essex storage rooms to be able to fix places. That would be tedious, less exciting and waste of time.

Renovation guidance

Now, if you have an empty room you will have beforehand choices to paint the walls and do the floors. But then which to do first?  It’s almost as mysterious as who came first: chicken or the egg, to decide should you paint or do the floors first. Expert Martha Stewart tells in her guidance on renovation to get your floors done first but then there are hordes of opposing ideas. So what do you do? Who do you follow? You follow the needs of your situation. Well if there is any heavy work to be done like knocking up a wall or widening a window or likes the sure do them first. And then it will be better off to start with the walls. With panting the walls first you don’t have to worry about getting the drops and drips of paint and stuff on your newly done beautiful flooring. If you are thinking the drops and drips can be maintained with final polish , well it’s pretty hard at times.

Paint first or do the floors?

Man doing floorPainting a wall first does not mean not touching your floor at all because dust can affect the texture and colour of the newly finished painted walls. So, if you start sanding and dusting or doing other groundwork for new floor after painting then apart from messing with the texture and colour , dust particles will as well settle on the freshly painted walls and stick there making the work look ugly. You would not want that to happen. To deal with this get the dusting and sanding done out of the way all at once. Finely prepare your walls and floors before enhancing them. As much as the dust can affect in the primary stage of your renovation, it can be gotten rid of for good if you gave it proper time beforehand. After this, start painting but don’t forget to cover the just dusted and sanded floor with heavy decorator’s paper that can keep paint off. And even if a little drop makes it way in don’t worry as once the painting is done you can remove the sheets and start doing the floor.

Renovation planning and organization

Stick to the planIt will be much easier and very less stressful if you keep in check the process of renovation tasks. Do it one step at a time: make heavy changes, sand and dust the floors and walls, paint and then only polish the floors. And when it’s done and dry you can get all your belongings in the beautiful room you just finished renovating. Fresh and reviving walls and floors will give you the energy to unpack and scatter positive first vibes in the place. Always set your priorities according to your situation while renovating the place to move in. It will save you a lot of energy and buy you more time. If you can’t wait and have to move in before you finish renovation, you should advice your local Essex man and van team to unload your belongings to one room, so you can easily finish your painting or renovation tasks.

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