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Moving to Finland

FinlandSince Finland is so far away and tends to be very cool, you aren't going to need to take too many summer-oriented belongings along with you.

While it may seem harsh to make such a climate-based generalisation about a country, in the case of somewhere as far north as Finland, you will actually save money through storing summer based items elsewhere. This is because your European Essex removals project will contain a lot less items and therefore take place in a smaller rental vehicle and get cheaper moving costs in Essex.

Below explains how to distinguish your summer gear from that of other seasons properly, before entertaining ways in which such garments and items ought to be stored in the most economical manner. Facilitate your removals to Finland project in the best manner possible. 

Inventory of your summer equipment

Make inventory before your move to FinlandSure, there's always the obvious candidates like togs, towels, sun block, board shorts, surf boards, kayaks and outdoor based furniture. While these are straightforward things, don't ignore that they are clearly summer items all the same and so can be earmarked as going into storage Tufnell Park and there are some items to get rid of when moving.

Now for those less obvious summer based items. In other words, do you really need to take those boat shoes and sandals with you to Finland? Why not leave them in the UK? And so on. Begin by having each household member go through the individual items that comprise their bedroom before  asking them list the things they deem surplus based on their likeness to summer, and not any of the other seasons.

In further establishing what these things are, here are some more candidates: short sleeved shirts, most pairs of shorts, caps, inflatable beach toys, deck chairs, barbecues and indeed beach umbrellas. For example, think of everything you took down to Brighton last year whilst on holiday. None of those things need to go to Finland.

Storing summer gear when moving to Finland

Storing goods when moving to FinlandNow that we've accumulated a pretty big list of summer based things, including odd bits of bulky furniture, we can now look for right Essex storage space.

First of all match your scenario to fit the storage space – should you have a lot of summer furniture, you're going to need a room size storage space, as opposed to something more closely resembling a locker. Indeed, if your storage items are almost exclusive to clothing, consider the cheaper locker option.

While the room and locker options occupy two options, you will find all sorts of variances across spaces and in between these too contrasting sizes. Maybe you are not the beach-going type at all and all your family need to store is an outdoor kids slide. This might take up the space of a larger size locker, for example.

More ambiguous items that you shouldn't resign to storage

With previous emphasis covering most items clearly synonymous with the summer months, other items will be more ambiguous and leave you thinking, 'maybe I could put item X to use at some point in the winter, even though I will hardly use it at all'. Indeed, those thermal wetsuits can actually serve runners across their outdoor running pursuits over winter. Decide these things in accordance to your own personal preferences. So, in the case of using a wetsuit as a winter under-garment for running, ask yourself, 'yes, it's a useful extra layer of protection against the cold, but will I even run that much?' Though it may only be a single item, even having to accommodate a wetsuit can be burden in your initial pack for Finland. The wetsuit is only one example of many too, so remain open-minded. At the end of the day you want to hire Essex van that is cheap, and therefore small, so don't pack too much in. In other words, favour storage over loading a suitcase too full.

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