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Moving with pets

How to transport your dog?Pets have become a part of everyone’s life. If you are planning Essex international removals to another country then you would naturally want to take your part of the family along with you. But, there is small dilemma in this quest, the commercial airplanes does not allow their customers to bring pets inside the airplane with you. Does this mean people will have to leave their pets when they go around traveling or immigrate to other country? Of course not! People can now take their pets with them wherever they want to as there are many pet removals services in Essex which offer to transport the pets from one place to another, whether you are moving to Finland from Essex or shipping overseas. Thousands of pets and some very exotic animals cross boundaries. Normally, it is always advised to transport pets through auto and airplanes. Ships, trains and buses are not recommended to be used while the transportation of pets.

Travelling with pets

Transport your pet in airplaneBesides companies that provide pet transportation facilities people can also take their pets in the airplane as a luggage. Sometimes, the airplane does allow people to carry small dogs and cats with them in the airplane seat. However, they do allow people to keep large pets with them in the seat. Large pets or most of the pets are kept in the air cargo as a part of their luggage. But, shipping by air does bring along a lot of documentation and bundles of rules regarding pet shipping. Different countries have different rules about pet shipping so the people will have to study about the pet shipping rules of both the countries. Besides that they will also have to prepare a number of necessary documents. This process can really be very troublesome. So, to avoid these problems and hassles, many people prefer to transfer all these tasks to a pet shipping service company.

Pet shipping companies in Essex

The customers will have to cover the cost of flight and the cost of moving services. The cost of the pet shipping service depends on how complex is the whole process of shipping and what animal is being shipped. There are many other things that the person must be prepared for before they can transport their pets. Before 10 days of the trip, it is advised to get the pets checked with a vet.  Many airlines and most of Essex pet shipping service asks for a health certificate of the pet to ensure that the pet is healthy enough to make the travel. If the pet is pregnant or old then it might be a bit difficult to get the certificate because these pets might have problem to breathe through their nose in the air cargo. Sometimes the airlines might even ask for a full vaccination proof.

Do I need a kennel to ship my pet?

Transporting dog in kennelThe pets will be kept in a kennel while they are being transported. After all, the airlines would not like pets to roam around freely in their air cargo. The kennel or the carrier that should be bought should be very spacious. During a long flight the pets might start to get really uncomfortable if the kennel or carrier space is very small. Thus the choosing of the right kennel or carrier is very important. The kennel should also have proper ventilation which will make sure that the pets will be able to breathe properly throughout the journey. Some of the airlines have strict instructions about what kind of kennels should be used to transport the pet. Besides that leaving a name, address and phone number in the kennel is also a very good idea in case the kennel gets misplaced.  If you don’t have your own kennel, you can ask your local Chelmsford moving firms, some of them can hire kennel for a reasonable price.

Transportation of pets is not easy but it is not impossible as well. With proper precautions and preparations people can take their pets wherever they want to even if it might be to a different country.

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