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Essex Air Shipping

Cargo containers and planeEssex Movers offer various shipping options and one of the available options is air shipping. As implicit from the name, air shipping is the use of aeroplane in moving items. It can be used in moving items internationally and locally (that is from one state to another). Just as with other means of moving items, it has its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of air shipping.

Fastest means of shipping

Essex shipping by air service is the fastest means of transportation. Aeroplane moves at an amazing speed. One can travel from Europe to another continent within some hours. The great speed at which aeroplanes travel gives them an edge over other means of transportation as far as moving is concerned. If you moving to a foreign country and you want your items to get to your location within few hours or days depending on the flight duration, you should opt for air shipping. Though, it will cost you some money but you will get your items on time. In other words, packages are shipped and delivered on the same day or the following day for very far distant countries.

Safety of air shipping

Air shipping is much safer in many aspects than other types of shipping. The possibility of things going wrong is much minimized in air shipping. If you hire local Basildon removals team to move your items to a very distant location with truck, the truck will spend days on the road before getting to the final location. This means that there will be many stops on the way. Different  drive the truck or handle the goods. Chances of having missed items are very high. The same thing is applicable to ships. Most of the time, big ships carrying many loads and goods have to stop at various ports to drop some goods before continuing the journey to the last destination. So, there is the probability of losing items on the way. But with air shipping, there is no such thing. Even if there is stop, it is mainly to pick other passengers who are already waiting and this does not take time. It will still get to the final location on time or as scheduled.

Less breakage

Handle with careAeroplane experiences no galloping as it flies. There may be turbulence on the air but it is not as fierce as the type experience in the high sea sometimes. Secondly, turbulence experience in the air causes little or no shock on the cargo. So, the goods are much more likely going to be delivered in good condition than when they are moved with the ship or trucks. Air shipping is very popular amongst customers moving fragile antiques or other valuable items. Besides, there is less handling of the items and packages when they are being shipped using aeroplane. The movement most of the time is just from one point to another (from one country to another).

Timely delivery

Air shipping ensures timely delivery of your time. Though aeroplanes are fast but it has other features that make it to deliver item very quickly. As it has been said, it maintains a straight movement. It rarely encounters obstacles or unforeseen circumstances that delay movement. For example, if you are moving items with truck, unforeseen circumstances like accidents or road closure can delay the movement of the truck and this can cause late delivery of items.

Cons of air shipping

As it is said, there is always another side to a coin. Air shipping also has its own drawbacks. Here are some of the cons of air shipping.

Very expensive

Shipping costsAir shipping is highly expensive when compare with other means of shipping items. In fact, most movers would have preferred air shipping but because of moving cost implication, they opt for other means of moving. In case of European removals it’s usually not cost effective and it’s why customers moving to France, Germany or other European countries choose traditional moving by road services offered by local Harlow removal companies.

Load size limitation

In air shipping, there is limit to the size of load that can be shipped. Though nowadays, there are giant planes that can carry heavy loads but it cannot be compared to ships. Ships can carry anything even aeroplane itself depending on the size of the ship.

Easily affected by bad weather

Air shipping is easily affected by bad weather. Flights can be delayed or even cancelled because of bad weather. This can cause delay in delivery of packages.

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