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Moving antiques and fragile items

Old furnitureIn every house there are especially valuable items, but not only very expensive stuff, but also objects with high sentimental value for the owners. It may be an antique chest of drawers inherited from Grandma, heavy wrought iron bed, sculptures, artwork ... Despite its age these items are kept in perfect condition - antiques are mostly rare items that is hard to find on sale, and make new ones - even more difficult . It is why a lot of clients inquiry about good Essex removal firms offering such services.   

Antique clockAntiques are not just old furniture. This could be a historic mechanical watch, bronze items, lamps, mirrors in carved frame, quite often with sophisticated forms, unusual sizes and shapes, different from the contemporary items. Their weight often is much heavier than the weight of modern furniture. Old chest of drawers made from oak can be a few times heavier than that made of chipboard. Due to the nature of such items the appropriate treatment is required during transport.

Antiques are not the only stuff that require special treatment. Most of removal companies in Chelmsford specialize in the transport fragile things made of crystal, glass, porcelain, or other sensitive materials. Such delicate items should also be properly packed and secured for transport. Most companies are fully insured in case of any damages, but if you are looking for low cost moving services, often offered by Essex man and van, you should always ask if they insurance  covers antiques or other fragile items.

Antiques packing and securing

Essex removal companies, involved in the transport of antiques, will be able to provide appropriate manpower. People with years of experience know very well how to deal with sensitive subjects. They also have the right materials suitable for packaging of antiques and other valuable items.

Old chairIt is worth remembering that the old furniture made of precious wood are sensitive to temperature changes. Since moisture can darken the wood and lead to swelling, but too dry environment can cause shrinking which can lead to cracks. Therefore, it is important to use the right materials to protect these valuable items. Antiques must be packed in such a way to avoid causing damage to the surface, but ensuring right protection against every possible damages. Thus, method of packing is selected individually  for each item.

Extra care should also be maintained during transport from one place to another. Emergency brake, sharp turn can damage the valuable cargo, even if there is no movement of the load, any shocks can result in the damage of mechanism of old clock, or mirror cracking. Of course movers use appropriate mats and blankets to prevent shocks, but it is better to avoid such situations. It makes sense to hire good company that employ experienced drivers.

Finding cheap and experienced moving team

There is no doubt that the best is a company that has been recommended by family, neighbours or friends. However, the transportation of antiques is not so popular so sometimes no one around us did not use these services. You can then look for a company using internet search engine, but you have to face the fact that it is a time-consuming task, especially when you need to fill out multiple forms to get moving costs. If you want to save time, simply use the form available on this website. By filling out one form you will receive several quotes from reliable companies.

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