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Moving from Essex towns to the country

We’re living in hard times, ceaselessly chasing career. We’re working long hours, sacrifice family for our personal life. We tend to live under stress and  forget about major things in live such happiness and the joy of living. Many people want to escape from being continuously in rush. They’re fed up with constant noise of traffic and crowded Essex cities. We long for serene and peaceful life. According to reports, that we have from local Chelmsford removals companies, more and more Essex residents have been recently decided to move from the city to the countryside. Is it a reasonably solution? Who the most often chooses to take that step?

Families and elderly people moving to the countryside

Elderly peopleEvery year, more and more people buy or rent a house in Essex countryside. No matter how old they are or the social class they belong to. Removals to the countryside is an excellent idea for families with children where they can feel carefree in a spacious garden. A house away from the city gives us opportunity to spend more time with our family, develop strong relationship amongst family members. Moreover, living in the countryside helps us with upbringing our children. Those who live close to the nature learn how to respect it. They know how to appreciate the beauty of wildlife and learn how to take care of it. Living in a countryside gives a person who works to much a chance to forget about daily routine and relax in a fresh air with their family.

The elderly people on retired choose moving to the countryside the most often. Chasing after career is connected with constant being in a rush. When we finally get retired we want to live peaceful and serene life. A house away from the city let us cherish longed- for free time.

Before you make a final decision, you should consider advantages and disadvantages of living in the country. Than if you find that this is exactly what you want from life, you can easily begin preparations for moving, book a date for your removals and hire professionals who will help you with moving your belongings to your new home in the village. But do not forget to compare services and moving prices in Essex, it may be that the price of Colchester man and van services are cheaper than Chelmsford van hire rates.

The pros of living in the countryside

Country green landscapeMoving to the countryside has many positive aspects. Certainly one of them are expenses. Having a house, we don’t have to pay monthly rent. We don’t need to pay high price for living in a big city. There are huge differences in price between groceries bought in a town and in the city.

Standards of living is one of the priceless advantage of living in the countryside. Many people who live in a cramped flat dream about a spacious house close to the woods, with a terrace with a view to a vast garden and a  big lounge. Moreover living in a countryside gives us an opportunity to separate personal life from the career one. It also let us escape from the city rush. Living in the countryside guarantee peaceful and serene lifestyle.

The cons of living in the countryside

public-busApart from some positive aspects of moving to the countryside, that decision has also its disadvantages. We should take them into consideration when moving out as well. Having a house away from the city we don’t have to pay huge rent price. We can’t forget  that buying a house is connected with renovating it. There are always some unplanned expenses when it’s coming to maintenance of the building. If we want our house to be cosy and functional we have to invest in it first. Every redecorating, refitting, fixing even small imperfection brings some cost.

Commuting is another cost that we have to pay when living in the countryside. We have to commute to work in any case - no matter if it’s raining or snowing outside. It also takes much more time to travel to work from the countryside then when we live in the city. Not everyone can manage to get up earlier or to be back home late. Living outside the city not only means that we have to travel to work but also to the cinema, theater, parties and school as well. However, even people who do not have their own car do not have to worry too much, because Essex public transport is well developed.

The advantages of moving to the countryside outweigh its disadvantages. It’s getting more and popular to live in a peaceful area away from the city center. Before we decided to move out, though, we have to take into consideration pros and cons. First thing to do is to calculate expenses and distance to our office or school. Only a considered decision can make our living in the countryside really joyful.

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