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Moving day

After weeks of preparation, the long awaited day is quite around the corner. You are about to start a new chapter in your life history, namely, starting life in a new location and in a new home. Definitely, for months now, you have been thinking about owning a home or moving to your new home. Today, your dream is almost about to be accomplished. You might be thinking how your furniture and other home fittings will match your new home style. However, it is not completely stress-free removals day. You have not actually come to the end of the journey though it is about to end. So, you have to keep moving until you are finally settled in your new home.

Moving day checklist

Things to do listThere are a lot of things you should do on your moving day. There is no doubt that you will want to have a successful moving to your new home. Whether you have asked a group of friend to help you move your property to your new home or you hire Colchester removals company, you have a lot to do on your moving day. Here are some of the things that you should do on your moving day to avoid problems during removals.


Plan furniture arrangement

Home floor planYou should make a sketch of your new home floor plan. With the sketch, plan how to arrange your furniture. Number your furniture and see how each will fit in your sketch. If you are ok with the arrangement, you have to number your furniture according to the sketch you have made. This will make unpacking and arrangement of furniture very easy for you when you get to your new home. Besides, the sketch you made will serve as a guide to whoever will arrange your home for you. So, whether you are around or not, your piece of furniture will be placed accordingly and as you want by whoever that will do the arrangement. The drawing is there to guide the person.

Supervise packing

Woman supervise packing teamIf you hire a removal company to pack your items for you, it is important that you are present during the exercise. If you will be inevitably absent, you have to ask somebody close to you to stand for you. At the end of packing or before moving, you will be given an inventory by the movers which you have to cross-check to ensure that all the items are listed. It is not good for you to sign an inventory list that has not been properly verified. This is why you have to be on hand or ask another person to deputise for you during the packing exercise. If you hire Colchester man and van you should also be present during loading the van as your assistance may be required.

If you are moving down the street and you have asked friends and relatives to help move your items to you new home, you should try to make the work easy and short for them. You don’t have to leave the packing for them. If they are to do assist you with the packing, you have to pack some of your valuable items and documents by yourself. For security reasons, it is not good for outsiders to know the valuable items and documents you have in the house. If it is possible, you have to do all the packing by yourself leaving your friends to load the items on the van. Choose only trusted friends.

Babysitting on the moving day

If you have children especially little children, you should look for somebody that will babysit them for you. Children are playful. If you leave, definitely, they will play around even with the boxes. Having children around moving up and down and interrupting movements can be very annoying for hired Colchester shipping team. So, the best thing to do is to look for somebody that will babysit for you.

Don’t allow your pets especially dogs to move about unattended whether you hire movers or you ask friends to help you to load your items on the van. Chain your dogs or put them in their cage before the movers or your friends arrive for the packing and loading.


The van or truck will set out immediately after it has been fully loaded. If you are not joining the truck, make sure that you provide a clear direction to the driver. Then drive behind the truck to ensure it does not divert to the wrong direction and also to ensure that you don’t keep them waiting in your new home. After the unloading, cross-check the items unloaded with the inventory list you have to ensure that everything is complete before the movers can go. You may appreciate the movers with some cups of tea or coffee.

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