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Transport in Essex

Underground lineTransport demands are very high in Essex. Good transport is an essential element of a thriving economy. Due to its attractive location, in proximity to the capital and the coast, there is a strong emphasis on good transport in region and as result of that Essex can boast a well-developed road, rail, sea and air transport. The county has perfect international connection with both Europe and other continents. There is Stansted airport (third busiest in the UK) offering both passenger services and air freight, sea shipping is also possible via Harwich International seaport allowing shipping goods to countries like Denmark, Sweden, Holland or any other worldwide destinations.

Reliable network connection allows residents to easily access their jobs and local industry to access both UK and international markets. Good organized transport is key part of social life in area. People cannot feel isolated and should have perfect connection with work, colleges, shops and have possibility to easy travelling to their friends or families.  Reports shows that unreliable or insufficient public transport is one of the key factors for residents moving to another community. For good economy it is crucial to have attractive, reliable and flexible transport connection offering easy access to work, school, shopping centres, etc.

Road transport

Roads in essexEssex has really good road connections between boroughs and with the rest of the country. There are two motorways running through – M11 and M25 – which together with local roads guarantee pretty good coverage for people preferred travelling by car. Most car trips between four main towns of Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow and Basildon can be done in one hour. Road network is also quite safe and the number of fatal accidents has decreased significantly during the last years. There is also good public transport which is very important for people who doesn’t have a car.  

Rail network

There are three main rail lines and nearly 60 railway stations in area – with the busiest in Chelmsford that serving millions of passenger every year. Essex has also access to Central Line of London Underground which is perfect for people who has a job in the capital. There is significant increase in the number of residents using either train or underground services each year.

Air and sea transport

container shipEvery year Stansted International Airport serves more than 19 million passengers what makes it one of the busiest UK airports. Port of Harwich is international gateway for both passengers and freight. Shipping by container is good way to send goods abroad, also more economical for large loads. It has significant importance for local business especially for shipping companies, thus more and more people moving Australia or USA.

Perfect connectivity with the rest of the country and international towns, by both sea and air, attracts new investors from all over the world with the benefits to the local economy.

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