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Planning office removals in Essex

Office move surveyIt is not only individuals who are relocating from one place to another. Essex businesses removals from one location to another are also very common. Reasons for office move would vary from one organization to another. For the move to make a bit easier for everyone there should be a group who would spearhead the process that the whole office would undertake. The person who would be in-charge of the moving process should make a list of the things that needs to be packed and how it should be packed.

Before the actual packing and clearing starts, there are some factors that need to be considered and fulfilled when moving your Essex office. An example would be the tax rates of the new location where the office would be relocated. The local Chamber of Commerce can be a reliable and helpful source for this. One would not need to make expensive long distance calls for this as there are other ways to communicate with them. The most popular in recent years would be through electronic mail or e-mail correspondence. This might also minimize miscommunication from both parties as everything would be in black and white.

Change your business address

One should also file a change of address to local Chambers of Commerce to update their system of the business’ information. It might be helpful if this would be filed for the Chamber of Commerce of the old location and also of the new location. Some previous clients might look for the company and insist on using their services rather than go look for another one who offers the same services as the company that moved out. There are clients that would stick with the organization regardless where they would relocate unless if the relocation would be to another county or if you shipping overseas from Essex to another  country.

Office inventory

An inventory of documents should be kept on file to ensure that all documents are kept. This would help the business when the whole moving process is completed. It would not be nice to an organization’s reputation if they would lose documents that are needed in conducting their business. It would also be nice to see for future clients that despite a move, things in the office and in the group are organized as it can be a sign that the customers would also be taken care of.

Business removals supervisor

Supervisor of the moveIt is not just enough to book a moving truck or hire Chelmsford removals company when a business would be moved. There should be a person who would supervise what boxes would be transported first and where it would be going. With that being said, boxes should be properly labeled. A list should also be kept as to what is inside the box. There should be a separate inventory for files and another for appliance and furniture. This is to ensure easy removals and guarantees that the move would be organized and nothing would be misplaced or be left at the old location. Business documents should be taken care of with utmost importance. This is the bread and butter of the whole organization and could be a make or break situation with present and future clients.

Easy office removals

Office team member preparing for movingIt would not be that big of a task to organize an office for moving. All that is needed is a detailed plan and task distribution between employees. The move should not be burdened by just one person. The more people involved during moving day, the easier the task would be and would not depend on just the decision of one person. This would also be helpful in ensuring that nothing would be left out and left behind. It would not hurt if one would check double check and either triple check a list of things that are needed to be done and packed.

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